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How Can I Get Free Bitcoins — 7 Easy Ways to Start Filling Your New Bitcoin Wallet

When just starting out in the bitcoin world, it’s nice to find out where you can get free bitcoinsFree bitcoin to get some into your wallet straight away. This allows you to see what happens in your wallet when you receive bitcoins, and if you can accumulate enough, it will even allow you to spend your first bitcoins!

So, where can you get free bitcoins?

If you have your own website that gets traffic, or you have friends who would be interested in bitcoin, you can get free bitcoins from a number of sites with affiliate programs. You just sign up for an account on their site, get an affiliate link, add that to your website, and get paid when visitors from your site sign up.

Where I have received the most free bitcoins is from referring people to localbitcoins. This is a site that allows people to buy and sell bitcoins locally, and you get a percentage of fees for a whole year for each referral!

Just sign up yourself at localbitcoins, sign in, and click “affiliate” at the very bottom of the page to get your own Free bitcoins for referring!unique affiliate url. Share this on your website or through social meida, email, etc, and you’ll be earning free bitcoins in no time!

Bitcoin Faucets:

Each site below is one of hundreds of bitcoin faucets. These are sites that give you free bitcoin for doing some task. Typical tasks involve viewing ads, websites or videos. This is a really easy way to earn free bitcoins.

Also, each of the below faucets have affiliate programs, so again, if you refer others by adding your affiliate link to your website, you’ll be earning bitcoins in your sleep!

bitvisitor.com pays you just to visit websites. Every five minutes you can visit another website, and you get paid for each one you visit.

coinhd.com is pretty cool. Just create an account, login, fill in a captcha, and moments later you press play to watch videos. And they are not just ad videos either. I just watched a funny video there called “Shit Bitcoin Fanatics Say” (I heard more than a few that sounded like me) and received 5 bits (1 bitcoin = 1,000,000 bits).

bitcoinget.com requires you to either do tasks, watch videos, or accept offers.

landofbitcoin.com is really easy. You just sit on the page. The longer you sit on the page, the more bitcoins you earn. This is because you are seeing all the ads they have on the page, and they hope you will click one.

btcclicks.com is a simple ad viewing website. They tell you how many bitcoins you get for viewing an ad. You view it, you get bitcoins. Easy!

givemebtc.net doesn’t make you do anything except a “solve media” (like a captcha, except to show the code you need to enter, you need to click play on a video).

And this is only the beginning. There are literally hundreds (maybe even thousands) of bitcoin faucets out there. You’re not going to get rich viewing ads for bitcoin, but it is a nice and easy way to get started!

Ask for tips!

"Left Hand - Kolkata 2011-04-20 2349" by Biswarup Ganguly - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Left_Hand_-_Kolkata_2011-04-20_2349.JPG#mediaviewer/File:Left_Hand_-_Kolkata_2011-04-20_2349.JPGFinally, if you are a content creator, don’t forget the easiest way to earn free bitcoin. Simply attach a bitcoin address to every piece of content you create, whether it is information (like this) or entertainment (like a youtube video or song).

You can track the popularity of each piece of content by creating a custom bitcoin address for each piece of content, or just do as we have done and place a donation address in the footer of your website (see below).


Happy spending!

Questions? Please comment below. I’m happy to help. That’s what I’m here for!

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